5 Easy Tips For Writing Interesting Blogs About Your Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | May 4, 2020
Woman enjoying writing interesting blogs about her small business on her laptop.

Although many small business owners think writing interesting blogs about their business is challenging, if not impossible, it can actually be pretty easy if you use these 5 tips: 1. Get motivated All business owners are busy – too busy sometimes. And their dedicated employees are busy too. So, it’s easy to believe blogging is…

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Writing Blogs For Business: 23 Proven & Powerful Must-Know Tips

By Karen Finn, PhD | March 16, 2020
Woman biting a pencil as she looks at her laptop struggling with writing blogs for her business.

There are lots of ways to market your business: buying ads, putting up a billboard, SEO, listings in directories, giving away cups or caps emblazoned with your logo, a Google My Business listing, networking, asking your existing clients for referrals, and, of course, creating meaningful content like blog posts – which, unfortunately, many business owners…

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11 Reasons Why Writing Blogs Will Grow Your Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 29, 2018

These days having a blog for your business should be a no-brainer. Yet many small and medium-sized business owners balk at the idea. They question why writing blogs is so important when there are so many other things vying for their and their employees’ time. Juggling all the needs of your business can be overwhelming.…

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