How to Quickly Boost & Sustain Site Traffic

Woman working on her laptop to boog traffic to her website.

I’m sure you’ve heard the proverbial phrase “Patience is a virtue.” The problem is that although it’s commonly accepted wisdom, I don’t think it helps at all when you’re building a business for long-term success. You’ve got to make sure things happen so you stay in business and have a way to grow consistently. One of the key things you’ll need to know to achieve long-term success is how to quickly boost site traffic.

Getting more website visitors is one of the ways you can grow your leads (aka potential clients or customers). But how do you do that?

The following 5 actionable tips to boost site traffic can be a great place to start:

  1. Run Ad Campaigns

    If you want quick results paid advertising could be your best bet. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll want to proceed cautiously because it’s way, way ,way too easy to spend a lot of money on ads and not see any return.

    Your first step is to choose the right platform. If you want your ads in front of people actively searching for what you offer, Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising can help you here. If you want to reach a specific demographic, Meta or LinkedIn can help.

    Once you decide on your platform(s), you’ll want to focus on creating copy that grabs attention and drives action. You can do this by thinking about the problem your ideal client has and doesn’t want along with the solution they want and don’t have. When you put yourself squarely in the emotional space of your ideal client, you’ll be much better equipped to create compelling copy.

    And, please, don’t forget the visuals. A compelling visual will capture your ideal client’s attention and imagination. It will make your ad much more clickable.

    However, an ad doesn’t stop with the click. You’ve also got to consider where the click takes the clicker.

    To have a successful ad campaign you’ve got to have a landing page that converts. A conversion could be scheduling an appointment, joining your newsletter list, downloading a free resource, purchasing something, or taking another action that brings you and your business value.

    Then when all of the background work is completed, you’re ready to set a budget for your ads that you’re comfortable with. I always suggest that my clients start with a small daily budget. A small budget allows you to test how well your campaign works using Google Analytics and the ad platform’s analytics.

    Then, after looking at the data, you can make small changes to optimize your ads to deliver the site traffic you want.

    Yes, it takes some significant effort to implement ads well. However, this strategy can quickly boost site traffic once you implement it. Just keep in mind that ads are a pay-to-play option. Once you stop paying for ads, the leads they generate are gone too.
  2. Use Social Media

    Social media is another way to get more traffic to your website. These platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They each appeal to different audiences and when you use a platform effectively, you can certainly expand your reach and hopefully encourage them to visit your website.

    You’ll want to start by sharing your content regularly on your chosen platform(s). Your content can be blog posts, videos, infographics, or memes.

    When you share your business’s expertise regularly, the hope is your audience will come to expect your posts and engage with them. However, because of the constantly changing algorithms on social media, you never really know when or if your content will appear in someone’s feed.

    You can help get your posts seen by using hashtags and taking advantage of appropriate trends. Using relevant hashtags can help people interested in specific topics find your content. When you join in on appropriate trending conversations, your comments can highlight your business to a larger audience.

    Keep in mind that engaging in trending conversations is just the beginning of the engagement required on social media to drive more traffic to your site. You’ll also want to respond to all comments on your posts so the commenters feel seen, ask questions to stimulate conversations, and comment on posts from other businesses or influencers in your industry to build relationships.

    As you build relationships within your industry, you can explore doing cross-promotions and shout-outs for each other so you each benefit from introducing your content to a wider audience which can, in turn, increase your site traffic.

    When you’re consistent with your social media efforts, this tip can help you sustain and grow the traffic to your site.
  3. Host a Giveaway or Contest

    Have you ever entered a contest in the hopes of winning something really great? Or played the lotto? Or gone to a casino to gamble? Most of us have because we love the thrill of taking a chance to win something.

    If you have a giveaway or contest for something valuable, you can use it to boost traffic to your website. The first step is to choose a prize that people will want but something that is also relevant to your business. Then, you need to decide on the entry requirements which could include people needing to register to win on your website.

    Then, you need to promote the contest or giveaway on social media, your newsletter, or maybe even a small ad campaign. You also need to continue to promote the event throughout the registration period to encourage more and more people to enter.

    And when the event is over, you’ll want to announce the winner across all of the channels you used to promote it. That way you’ll still connect with people and perhaps encourage more to participate in the next event.

    These types of events can quickly boost traffic to your site. They can also grow your email list and social following, which can encourage people to continue visiting your website after the contest or giveaway.
  4. Use Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another effective way to drive traffic to your website. When I look at a new client’s Google Analytics to understand how they’re getting traffic to their website, I can usually tell if they send out an email newsletter. If they send one, there’s a tell-tale repeating spike in the number of visitors to their site.

    Of course, you need an email list to use email marketing.

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    But once you have one, you’ll want to make sure your newsletter provides value to the recipients and that they’ll find more value in the links you insert to take them back to your website.

    As your email list grows, you’ll want to segment your list and even personalize the newsletters so you continue to provide as much value as possible to the recipients.

    Email marketing is a great way to consistently drive traffic to your site by keeping your readers informed, engaged, and loyal.
  5. Collaborate with Influencers

    Working with influencers in your niche who already have more followers than you, requires you to put in a lot of thought and create a win-win strategy. If you do this well, the rewards can go way beyond boosting your site traffic.

    You’ll want to start by identifying influencers who have a good reputation, you resonate with, and who your ideal clients resonate with. Then you’ll want to reach out to each of them with a clear and compelling proposal. Be prepared to contact several before you find someone interested in working with you.

    The process of putting things together for an effective collaboration is not quick. However, once your collaboration kicks off the traffic to your site can jump quickly and provide you with longer-term benefits of increasing your business’s visibility and credibility.

This list is just a place to start. You’ll want to be strategic as you think about your goals for quickly boosting and sustaining site traffic.

For example, you may want to start with the easiest to implement first.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider these tips in the following order:

  1. Use Social Media

    This strategy is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require significant resources or expertise to get started. However, to do it well, you’ll need to develop expertise.
  2. Use Email Marketing

    If you have an email list this is a fairly easy thing to do and doesn’t have to cost a lot to accomplish.
  3. Host a Giveaway or Contest

    This takes some planning and promotion, but it’s not the most difficult thing to do.
  4. Run Ad Campaigns

    This is definitely more challenging than the previous 3 to pull off because you need to have knowledge of ad platforms and a budget.
  5. Collaborate with Influencers

    This is the most difficult of the 5 tips. It requires a lot of deep thought to come up with a win-win proposal that you’ll probably need to run by several influencers before you find one that will work with you to grow your following and business.

Or, you may decide that you want to grow your site traffic based on the tips that provide the highest potential ROI.

If that’s your thought process, here’s the order I suggest you consider:

  1. Run Ad Campaigns

    When you know what you’re doing, ads can quickly generate the traffic you want.
  2. Collaborate with Influencers

    When you find the right influencers, you can see phenomenal returns on your efforts.
  3. Use Email Marketing

    Because it’s relatively low-cost and direct access to your audience, email marketing can keep you top of mind which will keep people coming back to your site and give you the regular traffic boost whenever you send out an email.
  4. Host a Giveaway or Contest

    If you’ve already got the 3 preceding tips dialed in, then having a giveaway or content can give you some bang for your efforts because they can increase your mailing list and social following.
  5. Use Social Media

    The ROI of social media is incredibly variable and requires consistent effort over a lengthy period of time to see meaningful results.

Then again, you may need to boost your site traffic and sustain the boost over the long-term to make sure your business is growing at the rate you want.

If that sounds more like what you’re after, this is how I would pursue the tips:

  1. Use Email Marketing

    As long as you’re maintaining and growing your list and providing valuable content, I like this for boosting and sustaining traffic.
  2. Use Social Media

    When you regularly post and engage on social media over time you’ll build traffic to your site.
  3. Collaborate with Influencers

    As I mentioned previously, when you find the right influencer to work with, the traffic boost can be sustained.
  4. Host a Giveaway or Contest

    This can only create sustained traffic if you’re regularly hosting contests or giveaways.
  5. Run Ad Campaigns

    When you stop paying for ads the traffic from them stops too.

And, of course, you may want to look at things in an entirely different way. Before you implement any strategy to quickly boost and sustain traffic to your site, get clear about your goals. When you know what you want to achieve, it will be easier to measure your results so you can continue moving your business forward toward long-term success.

Have questions about setting a strategic direction to grow your website traffic? Schedule a consultation and let us help you find your answers.


Karen Finn, PhD