How to Identify Your Target Audience to Make Writing Easier & Better

By Karen Finn, PhD | September 6, 2023
Health practitioner sitting at her laptop working on identifying her target audience.

As a healing, helping, or wellness professional, your mission goes well beyond just offering services. It’s about transforming lives, fostering growth, and igniting hope. But there’s a marketing challenge you, like many others, face: crafting high-quality content that genuinely resonates. It’s one thing to have a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of passion.…

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Quick & Easy SEO Checklist for Blog Posts to Help You Get More Organic Traffic

By Karen Finn, PhD | July 26, 2023
Woman using an SEO checklist for blog posts while she's blogging and holding a cup of coffee.

The world of health and wellness is a competitive one. As a professional in this field, you’ve worked tirelessly to establish a successful practice. Now, you’re ready to extend that success to the digital landscape. Your key to unlocking online growth? Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And the key to SEO is our quick and easy…

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Want Greater ROI from Your Content? You Need This Content Repurposing Workflow

By Karen Finn, PhD | June 14, 2023
Woman sitting at her desk getting ready to create a video.

Now that AI is on the scene, the pace of content creation, especially blogs, is increasing exponentially. However, fast doesn’t always mean good. That’s why you still need to have a content marketing strategy that helps you create content your clients or patients want to consume AND a content repurposing workflow that allows you to…

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How to Know If Hiring a Ghostwriter or Using ChapGPT is Best for Blogging

By Karen Finn, PhD | May 10, 2023
Hiring a ghostwriter or using ChatGPT.

Deciding to hire a ghostwriter or use ChatGPT for your blogging depends on several things. Discover how to make the best decision for you.

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How to Write Blog Post Titles that Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

By Karen Finn, PhD | April 19, 2023
Woman working on her laptop writing blog post titles.

It seems like everyone’s writing blogs. And one of the laments I most often hear from our clients is “I don’t feel like there’s anything new I can write.” What I tell them and want you to know is your perspective on a topic is what will make it unique and new. And the first…

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How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts about Health and Wellness that People Want to Read

By Karen Finn, PhD | April 2, 2023
Woman working on writing an SEO-friendly blog post on her laptop.

6 tips on how to write SEO-friendly blog posts about health & wellness that are optimized for search engines and will engage your readers.

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How to Write a Blog Post Outline for a Great Post That’s SEO-Friendly

By Karen Finn, PhD | March 1, 2023
Knowing how to write a blog post outline is important to your business.

Are you tired of spending hours writing blog posts that never seem to get any traffic? Do you want to learn how to write a blog post outline to produce a post that not only engages your audience but also ranks high on search engine results pages? When I started my first business in 2006,…

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7 Things To Know About Blogging To Promote Your Business

By Tamara Kruse, MS | November 2, 2020
Woman sitting in front of her latptop talking about blogging to promote your business.

Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, Fortune 500, or mom-and-pop, you know that 21st-century marketing involves more than a handshake and a business card. Chances are you’re juggling product and website development, industry expertise, tech savvy, social media, and blogging to promote your business. And I would guess it all gets a bit overwhelming. So let’s…

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6 Keys You Need To Know Before Writing Blogs For SEO

By Tamara Kruse, MS | October 16, 2020
Man sitting at table with his laptop in front of him and thinking about writing blogs for SEO.

By now you probably know that writing blogs is a great way to get your voice and brand out into the virtual world. But writing blogs for SEO is what actually makes them applicable and easy to find. We would all love to believe that readers hang on our every word. And surely the world…

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What Is Meant By Writing Blogs & Should You Be Doing It?

By Tamara Kruse, MS | October 2, 2020
Woman sitting on her couch with her laptop wondering what is meant by writing blogs.

Life on the web. How in the world did we get here? It all seems to have swooped in out of nowhere. (Does anyone even remember pay phones and keypunch computers?) Making the most of the web seems to require an ongoing tutorial. (More web time.) And understanding what is meant by writing blogs is…

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