How to Identify Your Target Audience to Make Writing Easier & Better

Health practitioner sitting at her laptop working on identifying her target audience.

As a healing, helping, or wellness professional, your mission goes well beyond just offering services. It’s about transforming lives, fostering growth, and igniting hope. But there’s a marketing challenge you, like many others, face: crafting high-quality content that genuinely resonates. It’s one thing to have a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of passion.…

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Why Content Marketing Fails & How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

Man working at his computer trying to understand why his content marketing is failing.

Have you spent too much time and money creating content for your practice that just doesn’t work? For healing, helping, and wellness professionals, understanding why content marketing fails can be the key to profound practice growth. Content marketing done well is an invaluable opportunity to educate, inspire, and build trust. In what follows, I’ll identify…

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PPC vs Content Marketing: Which Is Best for Building Trust with Your Patients?

Woman working on her computer to understand PPC vs content marketing.

The digital marketing landscape presents various strategies for health and wellness professionals looking to grow their practice. The age-old debate of “PPC vs Content Marketing” is one every business encounters. Both strategies have their strengths, but which one offers the best approach for building trust with your patients? Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand…

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