Digital Content Marketing

Online Marketing 101: How To Do Online Marketing For Your Small Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | September 13, 2022
Woman sitting in an office building using her laptop to create an online marketing campaign.

Online marketing is critical for business success. Every business of every size needs it. But when you’re starting out or just jumping into online marketing, there’s a lot to consider because time and money are too precious to waste. (Yes, there are established businesses that are just now jumping into online marketing. They’re typically solopreneurs…

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7 Steps To Determine The Best Online Marketing Solutions For Your Small Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | June 27, 2020
Happy business owner who has successfully identified the best online marketing solutions for her salon.

There is a plethora of options when it comes to online marketing – social media, blogging, ads, videos, influencer marketing, webinars, etc. They all work, but they don’t all work for everyone.n Determining the right online marketing solutions for any business requires a process. However too many businesses, especially small businesses, approach online marketing from…

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How To Use Your Digital Content Marketing Plan To Boost Sales

By Karen Finn, PhD | May 9, 2020
Man looking at his credit card to make an online purchase because of an effective digital content marketing plan.

If you been exploring content marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard/read statements like these: Content marketing generates 3x more leads at a 62% lower cost than traditional marketing. Marketers who plan their digital content marketing campaigns are 356% more likely to achieve success. And when success is defined as increasing sales, that…

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What Is Content Integration In Digital Marketing?

By Karen Finn, PhD | April 10, 2020
Colleagues standing at a white board talking about their content integration in digital marketing.

If you’re like most small and mid-sized business owners, the coronavirus has you re-evaluating how you do business and especially how you do business online. At this time, no one knows how long we’ll be practicing social distancing. However, we do know that the easier we make it for our customers to find and interact…

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How To Create A Digital Marketing Content Calendar For Your Small Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | January 24, 2019
Man contemplating how to begin developing a digital marketing content calendar for his small business.

A digital content campaign promotes a product or service through a specifically defined series of digital content creation and delivery activities. A digital marketing content calendar is the best tool you can have to successfully implement your content marketing strategy – no matter how complex your strategy is or isn’t. Section 1: Why You Need…

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What Is Digital Content Marketing

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 30, 2018

Everything Business Owners Want To Know About Digital Content Marketing But Are Afraid To Ask Every successful business owner understands the basics of marketing. It’s how you spread the word about your products and services. But these days you’re hearing more and more about digital content marketing. So, it’s natural to wonder, “What is digital…

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