Is Digital Marketing Success Eluding You? Use These Powerful Insights

Two women looking at a laptop to evaluate their digital marketing success.

Digital marketing is a great equalizer because it’s so inexpensive and accessible. Businesses of every size and in every market can use it to get the word out about their products and services. This equalization has caused a marketing frenzy which means marketplaces are full of a lot of noise. Yet somehow you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. And if you don’t, you’ll struggle to achieve digital marketing success.

If you’re struggling with getting the ROI you want from your online marketing, don’t worry – you’re not alone. That’s why I’m going to lay out the 3 primary reasons businesses fail to achieve marketing success online. With this knowledge, you can self-diagnose where you need to shore things up.

3 primary reasons businesses fail to achieve digital marketing success:

You’ve probably heard that before anyone will buy your products or services, they need to know, like, and trust your business. And this maxim is a great way to remember the 3 primary reasons businesses fail to have the marketing success you want.

  1. Know

    It’s easy to understand how to get individuals to know you. You get introduced or you introduce yourself. After meeting someone, you get to know them and they get to know you because you continue to interact with each other.

    And when it comes to online marketing, the same thing needs to happen for people to know your business. They need to be referred to your business by one of their friends, family members, or someone else whom they admire and trust. And then your business needs to show up as its best and authentic self online.

    In marketing speak, you need to have a recognizable brand. Your business needs to have a style, personality, and way of being in the digital marketing space that’s recognizable and becomes familiar to anyone looking at the content you’re publishing.

    If you suspect this is a reason your business isn’t getting the traction you want with digital marketing, you’ll want to do a brand audit. Here’s a resource to help you learn more about what a brand audit is and the basics of how to perform one: What Is A Brand Audit & Why Your Business Growth Requires You Do One
  1. Like

    People tend to like those similar to themselves or at least those they have something in common with.

    When it comes to making your business likable through digital content marketing, likeability means that your ideal clients resonate with what you have to say. And to be successful at this you have to deeply understand them. You need to know what their problems are, how they enjoy consuming information, and the language they use.

    In other words, you need to have an ideal client profile (ICP) that’s as fleshed out and accurate as you can make it.

    If you suspect this is a reason for the lack of online marketing success you’re experiencing, here’s a resource to help you create a better ICP: How To Create Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? Step By Step Guide
  1. Trust

    In any interpersonal relationship, people build trust by being predictable.

    Your business can use digital marketing to build trust by being consistent. Consistent in the frequency of posting. Consistency in the types of messages. Consistent in tone. Consistency in appearance. Consistent in where it shows up. Just flat-out reliable.

    When people perceive a business to be reliable, they’re more likely to spend their money with the business. But, trust isn’t where you start. You need to start by getting people to know and like your business online to achieve the digital marketing success you want.

    If you suspect trust is where your online marketing is struggling, this resource can help you create content more predictably: How To Create A Digital Marketing Content Calendar For Your Small Business.

After you have tuned up the know, like, and trust factors for your business, you’ll have the foundation you need to achieve digital marketing success. And with a solid foundation, you can explore how to fully capitalize on your reputation in your marketplace. You’ll also be able to more easily adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape.

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Karen Finn, PhD