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What’s Local SEO? Implementation Basics For Small Business Owners

By Karen Finn, PhD | September 13, 2019
Scrabble tiles and text posing the question, “What’s local SEO?”

If you’re a small-business owner asking yourself, “What’s local SEO?” chances are you want to grow your business and you’ve embraced the fact that the internet is the most likely place your customers will look for you. That’s because we all want quick answers and information when we want it – even when your business…

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How To Create A Digital Marketing Content Calendar For Your Small Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | January 24, 2019
Man contemplating how to begin developing a digital marketing content calendar for his small business.

A digital content campaign promotes a product or service through a specifically defined series of digital content creation and delivery activities. A digital marketing content calendar is the best tool you can have to successfully implement your content marketing strategy – no matter how complex your strategy is or isn’t. Section 1: Why You Need…

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How To Increase Traffic To Your Business Website Without Buying Ads

By Karen Finn, PhD | October 26, 2018
People working together to figure out how to increase traffic to your business website.

Unfortunately, build it and they will come doesn’t apply to business websites – no matter how beautiful the site is or how much you paid for it. To get anyone to visit the site besides your existing customers, friends and family, you have to know how to increase traffic to your business website. Most business…

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How To Create Successful SEO Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | October 12, 2018

If you’ve done any research at all about SEO marketing strategies, you know there’s an abundance of information out there. It can be quite confusing about where to start, what to prioritize, not to mention what really makes sense for your business. In my opinion, you need three different SEO marketing strategies to effectively optimize…

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What Is Digital Content Marketing

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 30, 2018

Everything Business Owners Want To Know About Digital Content Marketing But Are Afraid To Ask Every successful business owner understands the basics of marketing. It’s how you spread the word about your products and services. But these days you’re hearing more and more about digital content marketing. So, it’s natural to wonder, “What is digital…

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How To Increase Website Traffic Using Twitter – For Free

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 29, 2018

Using social media as a means of growing the traffic to your website is a mainstay tactic of content marketing. And since Twitter is the 5th most popular social network among U.S. adults, it certainly makes sense that you’d want to learn how to increase website traffic using Twitter as part of your content marketing…

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11 Reasons Why Writing Blogs Will Grow Your Business

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 29, 2018

These days having a blog for your business should be a no-brainer. Yet many small and medium-sized business owners balk at the idea. They question why writing blogs is so important when there are so many other things vying for their and their employees’ time. Juggling all the needs of your business can be overwhelming.…

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