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Crafting a Winning Strategy: Sales and Marketing Help for Solopreneurs

By Karen Finn, PhD | November 10, 2023
Crumpled paper with the words "marketing strategy" written on it.

Are you merely surviving as a solopreneur, or are you ready to make a remarkable leap in your sales and marketing journey? In the solopreneur’s or solo practioner’s world, the rules of sales and marketing aren’t just rewritten. They need to be reimagined because it’s unlikely you have a big budget and you certainly don’t…

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8 Simple Steps to Build an Email List & Grow Your Website Traffic

By Karen Finn, PhD | September 27, 2023
Woman working on her laptop to build her email list.

For most health and wellness professionals, there are times when digital marketing can feel overwhelming. There are just so many options to explore. Yet, at some point, almost everyone wonders “How do I build an email list that truly amplifies my reach?” Building an email list is more than just another task on your digital…

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How to Create Helpful Content Marketing Campaigns To Serve Your Ideal Clients

By Karen Finn, PhD | September 13, 2023
Woman sitting at her laptop creating content marketing campaigns.

For wellness professionals looking to establish their authority and grow their practice, implementing a strategic content marketing campaign can make a huge impact. But what exactly is a content marketing campaign, and how do you ensure it effectively connects with those you want to serve? In this blog, I break down what a content marketing…

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How to Identify Your Target Audience to Make Writing Easier & Better

By Karen Finn, PhD | September 6, 2023
Health practitioner sitting at her laptop working on identifying her target audience.

As a healing, helping, or wellness professional, your mission goes well beyond just offering services. It’s about transforming lives, fostering growth, and igniting hope. But there’s a marketing challenge you, like many others, face: crafting high-quality content that genuinely resonates. It’s one thing to have a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of passion.…

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Why Content Marketing Fails & How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 29, 2023
Man working at his computer trying to understand why his content marketing is failing.

Have you spent too much time and money creating content for your practice that just doesn’t work? For healing, helping, and wellness professionals, understanding why content marketing fails can be the key to profound practice growth. Content marketing done well is an invaluable opportunity to educate, inspire, and build trust. In what follows, I’ll identify…

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How This Brand Guidelines Template Can Quickly Increase Your Health Practice’s Online Appeal

By Karen Finn, PhD | August 16, 2023
Smiling healthcare professional leading her team to implement the brand guidelines template.

Standing out online takes more than just a unique logo or a catchy tagline for your health or wellness practice. It requires an immersive brand experience capable of setting you apart and connecting with potential patients or clients on a deeper level. By using our brand guidelines template, you’ll have the foundation to create this…

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Quick & Easy SEO Checklist for Blog Posts to Help You Get More Organic Traffic

By Karen Finn, PhD | July 26, 2023
Woman using an SEO checklist for blog posts while she's blogging and holding a cup of coffee.

The world of health and wellness is a competitive one. As a professional in this field, you’ve worked tirelessly to establish a successful practice. Now, you’re ready to extend that success to the digital landscape. Your key to unlocking online growth? Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And the key to SEO is our quick and easy…

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SEO vs Local SEO: How to Know Which You Need for Your Practice

By Karen Finn, PhD | July 13, 2023
Health & wellness professional at her laptop trying to decide between SEO and local SEO to market her business.

As a health or wellness professional with big dreams for your practice, you already know the power of the digital world. You’re no stranger to terms like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – a magic key that can open doors to better visibility on search engine giants like Google. But have you heard about Local SEO?…

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How to Regularly & Easily Drive Website Traffic with Social Media

By Karen Finn, PhD | July 5, 2023
A group of people looking at their phones; apparently on social media.

The journey of taking any health or wellness practice from surviving to a thriving, seven-figure one is an ambitious and exciting endeavor. A crucial part of this voyage is understanding the power of social media and how it can be used to drive traffic to your website. But before embarking on this digital voyage, there…

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PPC vs Content Marketing: Which Is Best for Building Trust with Your Patients?

By Karen Finn, PhD | June 28, 2023
Woman working on her computer to understand PPC vs content marketing.

The digital marketing landscape presents various strategies for health and wellness professionals looking to grow their practice. The age-old debate of “PPC vs Content Marketing” is one every business encounters. Both strategies have their strengths, but which one offers the best approach for building trust with your patients? Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand…

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