5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Business

Woman taking a break from blogging to look at recent sales on her phone.

The early stages of a business can make you dizzy from all the learning curves. For every must-do, there seem to be ten more beneath it. And nowhere is that more true than on your own website. Creating it is just the beginning. Getting people there is the ongoing work — and the main reason why blogging is good for business.

Whether you’re running a big corporation or a small mom-and-pop, you’re just an idea or brick-and-mortar without customers.

And it’s not enough to have only one-time patrons. You need retention. And retention requires trust in you and your product or service.

And therein lies the path to understanding why blogging is good for business. (In this modern day, essential for business.)

OK, so we’ve established that blogging is a big bump for your business. But so is a whole laundry list of other marketing strategies — strategies that might not be so laborious and time-consuming. Can’t you simply focus on those old-school, tried-and-true methods for rounding up customers for your business?

Depending on how tiny your bubble is, maybe. But even those resistors who have come to technology kicking and screaming have all but forgotten pay phones and Green Stamps. And they’re using search engines and smart phones just like those born live on Facebook.

Let’s look at 5 impactful reasons that blogging is good for business. Hopefully they will not only encourage your blogging practice, but bolster your enthusiasm for it.

  1. Blogging helps you build a relationship with your audience.

    If you have been reading our blogs, you know by now the importance of building a relationship with your audience.

    Blogging is a platform that allows the give-and-take of information and benefits. Think of it as the table around which you sit and talk with your customers. It’s also the place where curious eavesdroppers can enter into the conversation and learn something helpful without commitment or cost.

    You’re sharing info and listening attentively to feedback. You’re doing, in a business way, what people who have the most admirable, successful relationships do. Before you know it, you’re having to add tables and chairs to the party because people are drawn to the energy of the community you’re building.

  2. Blogging drives traffic to your website.

    And isn’t this what it’s all about? You’ve spent time and money developing your jaw-dropping website, but you’re the only one doing the hero worship.

    Your online business card may be all-that-and-a-bag-o’-chips, but it’s of no use to you until the customers start calling. So, how do you get your “card” into the hands of people without standing on a street corner and handing one to every passing stranger? Chances are you’ll just be picking your cards out of the trash if you do that.

    You need to be seen by your target audience. And you need to give people a reason to come.

    But my product is so awesome! It should speak for itself. Once people try it, they’ll tell the worrrld about it. Right. Once they try it.

    If you created your website two years ago, you will be nothing more than an urban myth if you don’t keep it fresh and relevant. And how do you do that without reinventing the wheel every year? Ah, yes, blogging.

    People are much more likely to click on your website and explore your product or service if they have spent time reading relevant content. By answering their questions in a helpful, authoritative way, you instill trust and even gratitude. This business owner really cares about her customers and understands them. She took the time to answer questions I didn’t even know how to ask. Now I want to know more about her business and product.

    Blogging gives you the opportunity to call out to your target audience with tools like keywords, good titles, meta descriptions, and social media. Every click and cross-posted link gives Google the message that you are the hot ticket in town. Obviously people want what you are offering, so Google prioritizes your business on its roadmap.

    When people do organic searches, they get matched up with your strategic keywords. They find your blog. And, once they find your blog, they find your business.

    Blogging is also the most effective way to increase traffic to your website without buying ads. (No more old-school or Green Stamps.)

  3. Blogging gives you a platform for sharing your big heart.

    Today’s consumers -— especially millennials — are philanthropy-conscious. They spend their time and money, in large part, where their hearts are.

    A company that’s only about itself vs. a small biz that’s giving back to the community? They’re boarding the charity train and going with the business that’s helping to change the world — even if it costs a little more.

  1. Blogging keeps your website current.

    Remember that website you created two years ago? The one you don’t want to have to redo every year?

    Blogging is the way you add content to your website without altering the structural information about your business, product, or service.

    Think of your website as your house with windows and doors open on a spring day. Blogging is the fresh breeze that blows through it. (Yes, a little corny, but you get the picture.)

    Point being, you don’t have to alter the structure in order to add to it. By having a blog on your website, you can build a library of relevant, helpful information that will get people to and keep them on your website.

    And, through strategic SEO, you can keep your blogs on the tip of Google’s tongue.

  1. Blogging makes you an authority in your area.

    The importance of quality content — posted frequently — can’t be stressed enough. And that can make busy business owners shy away from the task of blogging.

    But this tall order is also a reason why blogging is good for business.

    When you go out of your way to respond to what your audience needs and wants, people pay attention. When you read between the lines of their frustration and futile searches to direct them to solutions, they really pay attention.

    And, when you do that consistently, they not only pay attention, they come back for more. They trust you, and they come to depend on the consistency of your quality output.

    Inevitably, that trust in what you write translates to a trust in what you sell. You become a sought-out authority in your area.

    Don’t be surprised if that trust becomes more valuable to you than the dollars it brings in. The two go hand-in-hand, but that connection with your audience will keep you in the game.

There are so many wonderful reasons why blogging will grow your business. But, when the idea of committing to the task of pumping out content on a regular basis seems overwhelming, only one reason matters.

Blogging is your gift to your audience. It’s your way of showing that you care about what they care about. You are in business to provide a needed and relevant product or service. And your blogs deliver the message that you and your audience are in this together.

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Tamara Kruse, MS